Interview with Helaine continued - "The Permission Seduction Tango Learning System™"

What do you mean by "Permission Seduction™"

Thousands of Argentine Tango instructors around the world teach steps and figures, but I knew how starting to deeply master the language of tango had changed my own life. It wasn't just about learning a vocabulary of "moves".  

I came up with the "Permission Seduction™" concept because I discovered that so many people are yearning for satisfying intimacy with the opposite sex, but are unconsciously held back by decades of political correctness, professionalism, and family responsibility.  When I returned to the U.S. after many years in Italy, I heard so many sighs and complaints here from both singles and married people about their frustrations with their intimate or romantic lives. (Today Italians, like other Europeans, are not very different in this way from North Americans.)
I thought, "IF ONLY THEY KNEW what was in store for them the moment they cross that threshold into a room filled with tango music!  If only they knew that in that room, the woman who ignored you at Starbucks (or even your wife with whom you may have settled into a routine) is going to stand tall like a queen before you when you approach her to dance, wrap herself around you and snuggle up to your cheek and your chest - but this will happen only IF you've earned her confidence in your skill at the language of tango."  I thought, "It's a kind of seduction, isn't it?  Seduction in a safe context, seduction where the boundaries are clear for your 12 minute 'date' on the dance floor."  

The most important thing about learning tango is the YOU you'll discover and reveal in the process of acquiring the skills to play this heartfelt and creative game of "Permission Seduction™".  As you master the language of tango, you gradually master the art of truly delighting and receiving delight from the opposite sex!  This is an art that has been largely lost in North America and in Europe. 

In tango our learning process never ends, and so our potential for inner growth through our tango never ends.  And it can be so fulfilling because, by using the non-verbal language of Tango, you can express yourself, uncensored, and feel your self-expression welcomed by the other for those 12 minutes of your "tanda" (set).   "How can I describe it?", I wondered.  And one day, I remembered marketing guru Seth Godin's book "Permission Marketing", which suggested a name that summarized for me a very important aspect of Argentine Tango. 

What exactly is the “Permission Seduction™ Tango Learning System", and what does it include?

Since I began to teach Argentine Tango in 1998, and over the course of more than 12 years of teaching tango full-time, I have developed a highly effective series of learning modules that get excellent results for people who want to learn to dance well from the start.  The men’s and women’s programs are similar, but necessarily slightly different.  Here are the 9 modules I’ve developed for each:

The 9-Module “Permission Seduction™ Tango Learning System FOR MEN” – from absolute beginners through advanced levels.

1)     Master your axis (balance) to feel secure and solid, whether walking, pivoting, or pausing.  Includes the 5 most essential tango skills.
2)     Develop a powerful and penetrating tango walk, including “the split-second difference in your tango”.
3)     Master the tango embrace as your means of communication and seduction.
4)     Develop a clear and confident lead. This includes mastering the woman’s axis – understanding it, respecting it, and even guiding it.
5)     Learn to confidently and safely navigate the "ronda", even in crowded milongas. Understand and respect the line of dance, using the exquisite simplicity of the "Rose Vine Strategy" to creatively combine walks and figures as you cultivate your unique artistry. Learn to have fun dancing in tight spaces and traffic jams.
6)     Fill your "Rose Vine" by choosing from your vocabulary of 7 walks and 25 traveling and stationary figures (and some of their variations).
7)     Develop good musicality to give “flavor” to your improvisation!  Learn Helaine’s “6 Building Blocks of Tango Musicality™”.
8)     Master the art of the Dynamic Dialog:  Be 100% present!  You’ll learn how to break down walls and make a true connection with the woman with whom you’re dancing, as you express your masculine self artistically in the context of the intimate tango embrace.
9)     Feel like a King at every milonga.  Includes how to be embraceable and irresistible, the art of inviting women to dance, and making your dama shine! Be the man with whom women secretly hope to dance during the milonga!

The 9-module “Permission Seduction™ Tango Learning System FOR WOMEN”  – from absolute beginners through advanced levels.

1)     Learn the secret to perfect balance in both walking and pivoting; master your axis. Includes the 5 most essential tango skills.
2)     Master the powerful and alluring tango walk, including “the split-second difference in your tango”, and the sensual "tango glide"!
3)     Master the tango embrace as your means of communication and seduction.
4)     Develop the 3 fundamental attitudes that will make you stand out as a superior and fascinating dancer.
5)     Follow beautifully – but like a tiger, active and dynamic, never passive! Includes taking responsibility for your role in the micro-navigation.
6)     Understand the language of "Rose Vine Tango":  Respond with sensitivity, yet with your full personality, to an essential vocabulary of 7 walks and 25 figures and their variations, without memorizing patterns. Master these movements and be ready for any surprise a partner may lead!
7)     Develop good musicality and become skilled at using beautiful adornos in your seduction as you interpret the music! (Embellishments with your free leg.) Learn Helaine’s “6 Building Blocks of Tango Musicality™”.
8)     Master the art of the Dynamic Dialog:  Be 100% present!  Learn to break down walls and make a true connection with the man with whom you’re dancing, as you express your Womanly self artistically in the context of the intimate tango embrace!
9)     Feel like a radiant Queen at every milonga. Includes how to be embraceable and irresistible, the art of attracting invitations from from the men with whom YOU want to dance, and how to enjoy any milonga whether or not you are dancing.

These systems are designed for novices as well as experienced tangueros and tangueras.

What results can I expect?

In six months to two years of studying tango consistently with me, you will:

- Acquire an excellent sense of balance.

Develop elegance and poise in your posture and in your movements.

- Gradually become an expert at communicating with your body, mind, and heart with the opposite sex.

- Gain unshakable confidence in your magnetic masculinity or your alluring femininity!

Renew the romance and spice in your relationship; if single, discover an intriguing and meaningful way to connect with the opposite sex.

- Creatively, freely, and skillfully express your deepest self.

- Elegantly express your sensual side. 

Become absorbed in something so different that you can live a vacation on demand, as if by flicking a switch. (It gets you into the Vortex!)

- Discover a new world of cultural enrichment.

Keep learning and growing with this skill and knowledge, no matter what levels you achieve.

- Make embracing and being embraced a regular part of your life.

- Discover a whole new branch of your social life (singles and couples alike); join a new circle of warm and intelligent people.
- Men:  Have women eager for your arrival at every milonga!

- Women:  Consistently attract invitations from the best male dancers in the room!

Gain access to a worldwide connection - a passport to new friends with the same passion in cities around the world.

How quickly can I expect greater self confidence and enjoyment of my tango?

This depends on the intensity and duration of your program, and the regularity of your practice.  My Tango Mentorship Programs, for example, both transend the normal study process and break the time-barrier in how your movement on the dance floor improves, even if your mind requires several months to catch up with what has happened to your dancing!

Tango seems so intricate and I don’t have any dance experience. What can I do to be sure that I will learn to dance tango, or if I already dance, will significantly improve?

Be consistent with your lessons and practice, listen to Argentine Tango music at home or in your car (you may want to select from resources I point out so that you’ll be listening to the real thing!), do the exercises I sometimes recommend, watch the wonderful 3-minute videos I often send.

Do I need any special clothes or shoes for my lessons or for dancing Tango?

Comfortable clothes for lessons, a little dressier than casual for our Thursday night milongas and our Sunday brunches.  Milongas are often on the dressier side, especially on weekend evenings.  You’ll want to be sure you feel and smell fresh and clean, and have fresh breath, because tango is often danced with our bodies and faces close to each others'. 

Shoes:  For your initial lessons, please wear comfortable shoes in which you feel stable and can wiggle your toes, preferably with leather soles.  You will know when you are ready to invest a little extra in tango shoes, which will feel a lot better than street shoes when you dance, and they will look very cool!

How will my investment in this tango program pay off?

Many people go for years taking workshop after workshop at tango festivals in different cities and when visiting artists come to their towns. But most just learn steps and patterns without becoming better dancers, because they came to workshops without proper preparation.  

After 6-12 months in my programs, you will have the tools to learn more complex structures and combinations or go deeper into your basics, at a higher level because you’ll have a solid foundation using a language that the masters use, and you’ll understand how what the maestros say relates to your body.  So if and when you invest in training with world class tango artists, you’re likely to get your money’s worth, more so than people who are less prepared, because you can “hit the ground running” and learn efficiently! So, after 6-12 months with me, you will see the value for your investment multiply!

More importantly, though you may seem to be making slow progress at the beginning, you'll be establishing a very strong foundation to dancing solidly, smoothly and confidently, and express yourself with pleasure. At 6 months, or 12 months, or 18 months, you'll really feel the milestones of progress in terms of your own enjoyment and "how good you'll feel" in general!